Thunderpole T-X handheld CB radio

I actually spotted this little CB handheld via one of M0XFB’s Tiktok videos. CB is not particularly active round here but even so I felt a handheld bit would still make a good addition to my kit.

Thunderpole T-X handheld CB radio

It will manage the full 4W output and has both the UK FM, and EU FM / AM ranges. explains it better than me. It has the ubiquitous rubber duck type antenna but the antenna connector usefully is a BNC. No idea what the range will be with that antenna but it’s certainly a handy little thing.


I’ve taken the CB out. I wasn’t making any use of it and the prices that the model sell for have gone up a lot recently, so it may end up on eBay. So… I have this nice run of coax up into the loft with a naff CB aerial on one end (to go) and a plug on the other. Seems a shame to waste it! I’m on the hunt…



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