Fun while it lasted…

For me, and this is in no way intended to persuade people not to dabble, Meshtastic was the usual ‘new shiny’ that I like to fiddle with, but it was just that. A bit of radio fun for little outlay using devices I can redeploy. In our wider area it seems to have snowballed and become rather congested. While I can see the point, I have many other radio bits and bobs to play with and having yet two more antennas in the loft was rather overdoing things.

I had to seriously think exactly what I had used it for and it came down to occasionally saying ‘good morning’, answering when people ask if anyone is receiving them, and… well, I am struggling to find anything else. Of course I stress that is what I had used it for, not taking away from what others are doing. It is a neat idea.

So both nodes have been switched off.



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