QSL cards

Got a surprise through the door today, 12 QSL cards to my 2E callsign, various dates from February 2020 up to November 2020. Almost all want return cards, absolutely no problem and all part of the fun. I am not a big QSL’er other than eQSL but I always send when asked. Actually, I always planned to sort of back peddle on QSLing until I got the M0… now all I need is a decent design rather than the generic one I had on the M6 and 2E.


I received my first QSL cards via the bureau today, a pleasant surprise. 6 cards with dates spread across most of 2017 – a lot of the time I use eQSL so I didn’t expect many. Some request cards in return – which I will of course but I’m afraid the basic design of mine is no match for those received!



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